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Warhammer Online Bear

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LoreThough they are revered in the north by the Kislevites, common bears are a deadly nuisance to those who frequent the wilderness of the Empire.

Though normally content to forage for nuts and berries and feed on small prey, the turmoil of war has caused bears to lose their natural fear of man, replacing it with the prospect of an easy meal.

"The bears 'round Karak Kadrin are some of the meanest and nastiest beasts you'll come across in all the world. It makes perfect sense that the neophyte Slayers, fresh from takin' their oath to Grimnir, hunt the bruins wit' their bare 'ands."

- Wilhelm Krieger, Trader

Task Series
  1. Encounter a Bear
  2. Kill 25 Bears
  3. Going Out for a Tan
  4. Kill 100 Bears
  5. Getting Ahead
  6. Kill 1,000 Bears
  7. Heading for Profit
  8. Kill 10,000 Bears
  9. Sharpen Your Knives
  10. Kill 100,000 Bears
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