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MMO DB - ItemStats MOD

The MMO DB ItemStats Mod is a modification of the ItemStats script by Yahourt which allows you to display Items and their Tooltips from almost all of the games listed here on MMO DB by using simple BBCode like [item]Item Name[/item] or [item]12345[/item]. ItemStats can be displayed on any regular PHP page as well as many popular PHP scripts including VBulletin, Joomla, IPB, Wordpress, EQDKP, phpBB, SMF and more!

Read the instructions on how to install and get the download from the download link below. For community support and suggestions, you can visit the official forum thread here.

Instructions for Installing the MMO DB ItemStats Mod:
  1. Download Link:
  2. Backup your existing ItemStats installation if you have one.
  3. Download and extract the MMODB-ItemStats zip file.
  4. Follow the installation instructions for the specific script you are going to use ItemStats with:
  5. There is no need to download the ItemStats Core files as they are already included in the MMODB zip file.
  6. Modify the config.php file and make sure your database settings are correct.
  7. Modify the config_itemstats.php file and modify the default game setting found below:

    if (!isset($GLOBALS['game'])) { $GLOBALS['game'] = 'lotro'; }
    (Possible games code are aoc, eq2, hg, lotro, potbs, vg, war, wow) You can create your own game codes by adding or editing the parser file settings like the one below:

    $GLOBALS['eq2']["prio"][] = array('name' => 'MMODB_EQ2', 'lang' => 'en');
    Where 'eq2' is the game code.
  8. You can now use ItemStats like normal for the game you specified. Try loading the itemstats-test.php for some samples on the various MMO DB games supported.
See the MMO DB ItemStats script in action:
string(40) "Unable to connect to SQL host: localhost"
New Items: [item]Staff of the March[/item], [item]Salutary Ashboots[/item], [item]Worn Illuminations[/item], [item]Initiate's Keysash[/item], [item]Vandish Flamerobe[/item]