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MMO DB - Warhammer Online Collector

Here you can download the MMO DB WAR Collector. You can download the file by clicking here. It features an installer, as well as an uninstall if you decide that you do not wish to run it. All that you need to do is to launch the MMODB WAR Parser before or during a session of play of Warhammer Online. Periodically it will then send us information about the various items, monsters, quests, and other useful bits of information.When a new version is available it will automatically patch to the latest version. This may cause it to take 30 seconds or so to load if a new version is being patched, so do not worry if it takes a while for the menu to appear. It's a fire and forget operation.

There isn't much in the way of configuration options at this point, you just leave it running. There are two options on the main menu for Collecting Profiles and Guild Profiles. We have an advanced profiling system which will be available in the future, and will automatically submit your equipment and accomplishments to be included on our web site. If you do not wish to send information about your character or guild, then you can uncheck these options from the file menu and they will not be sent. The profiling options are currently under construction, but you can expect them in the not too distant future.